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Happy and Healthy

On the farm there are many preventative health measures that I do. One of them is regular Vitamin D3/A injections. As you might guess, this prevents rickets and promotes healthy bone growth. All my cria receive this. I dose 1ml/50# sc every 45 days for their first year but check with your vet before beginning this program. Keep in mind it is very important to know the concentration of the D3. The product I use has 75,000 IU. This information can be found on the side of your bottle. It is

Patience Rewarded

For our country the utterance September 11th will first bring memories of sadness and disbelief and anger. The road back to normalcy has been difficult for many and the memory of the images will fade but never leave.

On this day of remembrance Andean Dawn Alpacas was blessed with a stunning cria whose name is Sonic Blue. She is a granddaughter of Snowmass Arctic Blue and a daughter of A Paca Fun's Super Sonic. She is a gift of personality, energy and stupendous fiber. Color? It i


Oh my goodness! I have decided that patience is the most important character building quality that alpaca breeding has taught me. Don't misunderstand, I am not a Type A but since childhood I impatiently awaited the opening of gifts. So it goes with all my cria births but . . .

Current lesson ~ Patience.
Waiting for my girl BGF Arctic Blue Raine to give birth to her precious package Andean Dawn's Amelia, at times, seemed endless. But if patience is a virtue, Amelia is the rew